What are difference between assets and liabilities? How can a bookkeeper records them?

Being a Bookkeeper, for sake of keeping the record of assets and liabilities you must come to know what these actually are and in which manner they are difference from each other. So, let us adhere understand the real definitions of assets and liabilities and then we will make a sharp comparison between them.

Assets: In bookkeeping, assets are like the benefits on behalf of the company. The Bookkeeper will keep all the written record of what is gain able amounts on behalf of company. It will embrace all of the cash, the deposit certificates, and the accounts of the money market, the checking accounts and the saving accounts. The assets will also include all of the bills of the company and all of the treasury receipts as well. You can call assets as equal to that of the sum of liabilities and stock holding equities. Moreover, the assets will also include the record of the past cashes and transactions that can be very helpful for the future planning of the company.read some part of our latest blog post at http://www.comocu.org/role-of-a-bookkeeper-to-help-younger-companies/

The assets of the company will also embrace all those expenses which the company did. It will include the expense on equips, the furniture expenses, building expenses as well as the expenses on inventories. It will be the value that will worth very much for the company and its benefit.

Liabilities: Liabilities are all those responsibilities that a company fulfills as being its duty. It can include the payment of various assets. It will be like the financial obligation of the company to pay for any sort of deal. The company will keep the record of the liability on the balance sheet.

You can simply differentiate the assets from the liabilities as “liabilities” include all those amounts which will be paid by the company. It can include the various payable amounts like bond payable, interest payable, and the taxes of incomes payable and so on. In assets the weight age goes on giving benefit to the company. On other hand, in liabilities, the company will keep record of what it has to pay to other companies, customers or dealers.

How to record assets and liabilities?

The Bookkeepers Melbourne will keep the record of the assets and liabilities by making two different columns for it. He can keep the record on the invoices or on the excel sheets. Moreover, pen and copy record can also be made. The actual vision will be to keep the differentiation between what to put under the heading of assets and what to put under the heading of liabilities.


Record of assets and liabilities is one of the most central duties of the book keeper. They both are near to same as both comes in values and both have to be recorded so book keeper would have to be careful in getting an understating. The Bookkeepers Melbourne can keep the record of assets and liabilities separately by putting them in two different columns to avoid any sort of confusion.get more details at this link.